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A step above the rest

At AAA Sheds and Roofing customers are important to us. Why? Obviously they are the reason we keep operating as a business. The main reason why they are important to us though is that we do not necessarily have a long term and ongoing relationship with them. That's why we make sure they feel valued and leave a lasting impression. 

Behind the scenes Chantal takes the first call or makes the first call. She asks general questions and scopes out what their needs are and the best way to tend to them. If a customer chooses to have an appointment Jim will meet them out, do an assessment and then sit down and have a chat about requirements as well as budget and timeframes. We give the customer a copy of the quote that includes a detailed workscope. 

If the customer is unable to make an appointment time we will still do all the measurements required (may mean visiting site with permission) and send through via email the same quote information as if you were to have a face to face appointment. This gets followed up with a phone call generally.

Once the customer chooses to go ahead we make sure we issue receipts for any payments that have been made, take any calls from them and answer any queries. 

Mick and his team do the hard yards by completing the work. They are professional, have good customer service skills and like to make sure the customer knows how the job is going what has been done and what will be done. We feel this can empower a customer and allows them to feel like they are included throughout the whole process not only bit and pieces.

When a job is finished we send off final receipts and ask for feedback. We send photos if requested as well so they can show all their friends and family. Sometimes a customer also wants to have some progress photos at the end so they can see what happened on the roof in-between while they were at work or away. 

Having a good quality job completed in an essential component in any trade, but having good customer service is something that makes us "A STEP ABOVE THE REST"