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Here at AAA Sheds and Roofing we understand that life is busy. We offer flexibility in terms of service and completion of works.

Recently we received a request regarding a job in Daylesford area. We contacted the customer and had a chat. She did not live at the property and due to her work schedule was very tight for time let alone driving 2hrs from Melbourne to meet us for an onsite visit. We negotiated visiting the property and doing the meaurements and communicating via email and phone. The day we went out the weather was not the best and the roof was steep. We did as much as possible measurement wise and then using our online software it allowed to see if there was anything we missed. 

From there we did some pricing and via email sent through some pictures and a quote which included all the works entailed as well as the pricing. The customer was very responsive and called us back with a couple of questions. She decided to think about it for a couple of days and would let us know. Two days later she called us back to tell us she would like to go ahead. 

We have finished the reroof of the main roof and atrium as well as new gutters. Jim went out and met her on a weekend to take her for a walk around to look and make sure she was happy with everything which she was. In this case we were able to work with the customers schedule and offer the same quality service that we would if we met her for an onsite quote originally. 

Chantal- 01/12/2016