The cost of re-roofing

What is the cost of a new roof?

When considering getting a new roof the cost factor can be daunting. When you go to the supermarket to buy a loaf of bread or milk you can clearly see the labels and know what the cost is.

A roof is not the same. This blog is here to give you a guide on what the expenses are around re-roofing to give you a more informed decision on whether re-roofing is something in your budget or something that may need to wait.

Whether you are in Bendigo, Ballarat, Shepparton, Castlemaine, Romsey, Echuca, Heathcote or Kyneton and other town this is a guide to make you more informed on the realistic cost of re-roofing

Every job we go out and quote on is different as no two jobs are the same. When we go out to price there are several factors that make up the price we give you as a customer. Materials, Labour, safety equipment, delivery for materials and administrative costs.  

We want to give you an idea on what the approximate costs are on re-roofing your home.

If you have a tile roof and are looking to change it to colorbond add an extra $1500 for removal and disposal costs.

On average the rate is $75 per meter sq

Gutter is $55 per Lineal meter

Please see the following example:

Imperial- Squares                Metric- m2

10sq                                     93m2

12sq                                     112m2

14sq                                     130m2

16sq                                     149m2

18sq                                     168m2

20sq                                     186m2

25sq                                     233m2

When you know what your floor space is you can work out the approx roof space.

Example 18sq= 168m2 x 1.1= 185m2. You then add another 5% to account for wastage which gives you a total of 195m2 rounded up x$75= $14,625. Add an additional $1600 for safety equipment, material delivery and clean up. The total amount is $16,225.

If you are wanting gutter done this is $55 per lineal meter. For this example we will say that there is 45mtrs of gutter round it up to about 50mtrs to allow for offcuts. $55Lm X 50Lm= $2750.

Now that we have worked out what a reroof investment will be you know have a lot of power, because you know what the investment is so you can negotiate on a price no matter who you deal with.

While this may seem complex, we are here to help with this and can give you approx figures over the phone to see if it will work in with your budget.

Check out our ratings on here and see feedback from customers.

*Please note the pricing above is an approximate. There may be other things that need to be included and can be via a site visit.

Like knowing how much a loaf of bread is, what type of bread do you want?